To minimize subscription costs and to get the benefit of new features, you need to keep your Ingres and OpenROAD software fully up to date.

Rational Commerce is able to provide completely inclusive packages of hardware, Actian products, and professional services to give a massive boost in performance while slashing operating costs. Many of our customers get full pay-back in under a year as they see their annual support costs drop significantly.

The demonstrated commitment of ActianCorporation has persuaded many business of the good sense of revitalising highly reliable, proven Ingres systems by upgrading from obsolete or unsupported releases of Ingres to the latest version. Our team of Ingres consultants have many years of experience with every commercial release of Ingres ever deployed, on any platform, so you can rely on them for a well planned and swiftly executed upgrade, no matter where you start from.

In addition to the up-front savings from upgrading to a version of Ingres that offers subscription-based support, the significant performance enhancements such as rule-based table partitioning, and true parallel query execution, can extend the useful life of existing hardware, or allow you to meet or exceed performance expectations using much cheaper hardware.

Rational Commerce will collaborate with your own personnel, so that all the necessary skills and experience are transferred, or we will undertake your entire upgrade for you.