Rational Commerce Limited provides service and support exclusively for Actian Ingres and OpenROAD.

We do nothing else.

We won’t spend our time and your money persuading you to migrate to other products. We will spend it getting you maximum value from your Ingres systems.

If you ever stop using Ingres or OpenROAD, it won’t be because we let you down.

Rational Commerce Limited was created in the summer of 1997 to bring together a number of small, specialist Ingres and OpenROAD consultancies to create a single company able to take on bigger and more demanding engagements. From the beginning the company has specialized exclusively in providing Ingres-based solutions, services and products. Our purpose has always been to exploit the low cost and ease-of-management of Ingres to develop inexpensive systems for our customers, and to help existing users of the Ingres family of products to maximize their success and minimize waste by providing upgrade services, training and support.

Rational Commerce analysts have a minimum of ten years of in-depth Ingres expertise, and some have more than twenty years experience with the product. We are able to support and enhance core applications that have been quietly running our customers’ business for decades, as well as their very latest Ingres and Vector based applications.

Rational Commerce is an Actian Reseller Partner, authorized to sell Ingres and OpenROAD products in the UK, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Rational Commerce has partnerships and cooperative relationships with several other companies, including KB Computer Associates in the United States, and Vision Systems Software in the Caribbean.

One of our directors (Roy Hann) is a member of the UK Ingres User Association (UKIUA) committee, past chair of the UKIUA, and is a past elected member of the board of the North American Ingres Users Association. Each year Rational Commerce responds to invitations to provide speakers for events around the world, such as the Actian Technical Users conference, the UK IUA conferences, and the IUGN conference.

In addition to our formal business relationships we also have strong personal relationships with key Ingres decision-makers and product engineers.