Rational Commerce provides Managed Ingres as well as OpenROAD Support Services.  Our customers outsource their Ingres database administration (DBA), and maintain complex Ingres environments at a reduced cost. Our off-site remote DBA delivery model can be combined with periodic on-site services. We offer framework agreements for low-cost consultancy, ad hoc development and, application fixes. This flexible on-demand expertise makes managed Ingres services workable for organizations of all sizes.

Our active monitoring solution is part of our offer. Combined with our expertise in resolving emergent performance problems we provide a comprehensive methodology for ensuring availability and performance. We can detect and correct adverse trends before they affect users, ensuring peak performance and business continuity at the least cost.

Our DBAs have years of experience implementing, managing, upgrading, and migrating databases utilizing Ingres’ advanced features.

Our application support team also boasts worldclass OpenROAD and ABF expertise. We support and maintain OpenROAD and ABF applications running business-critical applications for government and private-sector customers all over Europe and the Carribean.

When your IT department is too small, too busy, or too distracted, and you need someone to promptly and confidently support your key Ingres systems, a managed Ingres services package or remote DBA services from Rational Commerce is the solution.